Note: This tile estimation and cost comparison tool shows the approximate number of uncut tiles required for the dimensions input and guideline prices for a floor based on the different tile types. Costs are rounded to the nearest .

Where the floor dimensions require a mix of cut and full tiles to be used the exact quantity of tiles needed may be higher or lower than the estimate given here - depending on the type of tile interlock.

If in doubt contact us with your floor dimensions and we will work out the exact quantities required.

Enter floor measurements in mm -  Length :  mm     Width:   mm      


Mototile Seamless
333 x 333 x 7mm

Various Colours
(New PVC)

470 x 470 x 12mm

Black (Recyled PVC)

MotoLock Heavy Duty
495 x 495 x 7mm

(New PVC)

MotoLock Heavy Duty
495 x 495 x 7mm

Black or Grey
(Recycled PVC)

Tiles Required:

£ Cost
(ex vat)

Neutral / Std. Colours

Supersport Colours

Black / Greys

All other Colours