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MotoLock PVC Interlocking Tiles FAQ's

Dark Grey Diamondplate Pattern Interlocking Tile.
Diamondplate Face

Light Grey Cointop Pattern Interlocking Tile.
Cointop Face

Blue Snakeskin Pattern Interlocking Tile.
Snakeskin Face

Motolock Interlocking Edge Tiles.
Matching / Contrasting Edge Tiles

Grey Diamondplate Pattern Recycled PVC Interlocking Tile.
Recycled PVC versions available is 2 face options and 3 colours.


Motolock tiles are available in a range of colours and tile faces in new PVC. Recycled PVC versions are also available.

Motolock Tile Colours

Motolock Interlocking Floor Tile Colours.



MotoLock tiles exact dimensions are 510 x 510 x 7mm.

For estimation purposes, to take account of the interlock, we use the dimensions 495 x 495 x 7mm.
Use our tile estimator tool which works out quickly and easily how many tiles you will need for your floor size.

Is any special preparation required before laying the tiles?

Sweep the floor. Oil and other contaminants can be ignored except where it may be necessary to glue tiles / ramps.

Minor floor irregularities can be ignored: deeper potholes will show as imprints / depressions on the tile but won't damage it. Either fill these potholes with screed before laying tiles or do it later by lifting any tile(s) affected by floor irregularities.


Typical floor conditions for tile laying.

A Garage Before Tiles Laid.

Garage after tiles laid.


Any Special Tools Needed?

A rubber hammer makes laying easier but otherwise basic DIY tools are all you need.

How can I finish the floor edges?

Leave a 5mm gap along walls and fit MotoLock edge ramps to the entrance.

Laying MotoLock Interlocing Floor Tiles.

Can damaged tiles be replaced?

Yes - one of the advantages of interlocking tiles is easy tile replacement or swapping.

Is the floor slippery?

The floor has a nice sheen when clean but it is designed (and tested) to be highly non-slip.

Does water get trapped under the tiles?

The interlock stops most water penetration. Any water that does gets under the tile will evaporate as the tile is has an air flow design on the underside that 'breathes'.

MotoLock Tile Underside.

Are the tiles resistant to oils and chemicals?

The tiles are resistant to most oils and acids but a tile sample should be tested if this is a critical requirement.
(See Properties table below).

Is the floor flammable?

The floor is classed as difficult-to-ignite due to its chemical composition.

Do the tiles insulate?

The tiles act as thermal and acoustic insulation.

Any special maintenance needed?

A mop, bucket and mild detergent are all you need for light cleaning. For heavier cleaning use standard non-abrasive, non-slip, non-solvent based products.


Please contact us prior to placing your orders.
If you have not contacted us for technical advice prior to placing your orders. You do so with the risk of the product not being suitable for application and we therefore hold no responsibility for the actual use or performance of our product.

Physical Properties


Notes / Comments


92 Shore A (EN ISO 868)

Resistance to chemicals

Good - (EN 423 - petrol, diesel 18% acetic acid, tartaric acid 250g/ 1 hl - imperceptible effect)

Compressive strength

520 kg/cm2 (EN ISO 1545'1 )

Total thickness

7-8 mm (EN 428)

Thickness of surface layer

7-8 mm (EN 428)

Resistance to abrasion

T (<0. 1 mm /1 00) (EN 680-2)

Deformation after static load

<0.1mm (EN 433)

Dimensions of stability

<=0,20% (BS EN 434)

Colour fastness to artificial light

> 5 (without damage) (EN 20105)

Reaction to fire

difficult to ignite (DIN 4102 )

Non-slip properties

up to 0.75 dynamic coefficient of friction (EN ISO 13893) is part of the StormFlame Group of companies.

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