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Calculate The Cost Of Your Seamless Floor Tiles & Accessories.

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You can work out the number of tiles required and the cost using the floor cost calculator below.

Mototile coin top garage tile

Edge ramp for floor tiles

Skirting to match floor tiles.

Garage Floor Tiles are 333 x 333 x 7 mm

Tile Ramps are 2.5 metres long

Tile Skirting is 2.5 metres long

Tiles are sold individually £2.49 (ex vat). There are 9 tiles to a sq. metre: that's £24.73 per sq m including vat.

Our exclusive SuperSport colours are a little more expensive.

Ramps are sold in single lengths at £6.99 each (ex vat)

Skirting is sold in single lengths at £6.99 each (ex vat)

Tile a typical 5x3m garage floor for £336 (plus vat as applicable)

For simple rectangles and squares use the calculator below:

NOTE: Measure floor in mm or convert to mm

Measure 1) the longest wall [Length of Area to Tile] and 2) the shortest wall [Width of Area to Tile].

Enter the measurements - in mm - into the calculator below

The results show how many whole tiles, lengths of ramp and skirting are required for the dimensions given.

If you just want to estimate just tile costs and delivery (i.e. no ramps or skirting) use the Tile Price Calculator

Garage Floor Materials Calculator

Important: Enter measurements in mm

1) Length of Area to Tile:


2) Width of Area to Tile:



Component Costs
(ex VAT)

Tiles Required:

Tile Cost

Ramps Required:

Ramp Cost

Skirting Lengths Required:

Skirting Cost

Total Estimated Cost
(includes vat & delivery)

Click here for the floor tile layout design tool.

Try out floor designs / patterns using our floor tile layout designer.

The design tool shows the total number of whole tiles needed for your floor layout.

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Manual Estimation:

L shaped floor planFor complicated floor shapes, break the shape down into individual areas of squares or rectangles. Measure in Metres. Add up the total of all the areas.

There are 9 tiles to a square metre so multiply your total area in metres, from above, by 9.

Example: Area 1 is 5x2 metres =10 sq m. : Area 2 is 5x4 metres = 20sq m
The total are is, therefore, 30 sq metres.

Multiply 30 x 9 = 270 tiles.

If there is a lot of cutting to fit around obstructions it may be wise to add some extra tiles to the order.

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Measuring the garage perimeter walls

Ramps are only required across the garage entrance. Each ramp is 2.50 metres long.

Measure the garage door opening in metres and divide that measurement by 2.5

If the result has a remainder then round it up to determine the number of whole ramps.

For example entrance width is 3 metres, which divided by 2.5 = 1.20 ramps.

Round this up to 2 ramps unless you want a 50cm gap.

To estimate skirting measure / calculate the whole perimeter of the walls (marked by a red line on the diagram opposite) in metres. Divide the perimeter figure by 2.5 then round up to the nearest whole figure.

For example perimeter=15.5 metres is divided by 2.5 to give a figure of 6.20.
Round up to 7 lengths of skirting, unless you want a 50cm gap somewhere in the skirting.


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