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PVC Skirting - Mototile Flooring

Mototile PVC Skirting - £6.99 ex vat

Can be used with Seamless, Motolock or Mototmat tiles to provide a neat floor edge.

Skirting Dimensions: L 2500mm : H 100mm

NOTE: Trim Inserts matched to the skirting colour are supplied and included in the skirting price.

Trim inserts in a contrasting colour are 99p extra per trim (ex vat).

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Mototile PVC Skirting £6.99 (£8.39 with VAT) - Supplied with matching colour insert.

Garage Floor Skirting - Carbon Black

Carbon Black

Garage Floor Skirting - Dark Grey

Graphite Grey

Garage Floor Skirting - Dark Grey

Platinum Grey

Garage Floor Skirting - Dark Grey

Italia Blue

Garage Floor Skirting - Dark Grey

Racing Green

Garage Floor Skirting - Dark Grey

Daytona Yellow

Garage Floor Skirting - Alpine White

Gulf Orange

Push in skirting trim

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Optional Skirting Trim Inserts - 99p (£1.19 with VAT).
For creating colour contrasts / highlights.

Garage Floor Tile - Dark Grey

Carbon Black

Skirting Insert - Graphite Grey

Graphite Grey

Skirting Insert - Platinum Grey

Platinum Grey

Skirting Insert - Alpine White

Alpine White

Skirting Insert - Electric BlueDark Grey

Electric Blue

Skirting Insert - Dark Grey

Italia Blue

Skirting Insert - Racing Green

Racing Green

Skirting Insert - Daytona Yellow

Daytona Yellow

Skirting Insert - Maranello Red

Maranello Red

Skirting Insert - Gulf Orange

Gulf Orange

Skirting Insert - Gulf Blue

Gulf Blue

Skirting Insert - Diablo Purple

Diablo Purple

Skirting Insert - Gallardo Green

Gallardo Green

Skirting Insert -  JPS Gold

JPS Gold



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PVC Skirting Trim Inserts


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