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Email us a photo or two of your garage makeovers / projects incorporating Mototile products and we will post them here.
The Mototile blog has more customer floor project pictures, including exhibition / show floor designs.


Thank you for the all the help in choosing the floor tiles for my garage.

Thank you for the all the help in choosing the floor tiles for my garage, it's taken a while to complete, it all went very well and I am very pleased with the results, I enclose a couple of pictures for you. Regards. Phil.

[Watch this space for a time lapse video].

Products order: Dark Grey Diamond Plate - Motolock | Light Grey Diamond Plate - Motolock | Graphite Grey - PVC Skirting | Platinum Grey - Skirting Trim Inserts

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floor tiles for my garage picture
garage floor tiles

Another satisfied customer!

Mototile was recommended to me by a colleague. I went on their website which was easy to use and understand. I chose the tiles I wanted and used their planner to estimate how many I would require.

Placed my order which was confirmed straight away and they confirmed the delivery date. Tiles arrived four days later as arranged and after leaving them to settle I went about installing them.

Followed the great instructions supplied and was amazed how easy it was to complete. I used the mallet supplied, a workmate, a jigsaw and was finished in a couple of hours. I wanted to send back some extra tiles and the communication and refund process was first class.

For a few hundred pounds I cannot believe how its transformed my garage!

Many Thanks to the Mototile team! - Adrian

Shop online for a range of patterns and colours: Click here...

Another satisfied Mototile customer

Mototile: Love the way they look!

Finally finished off the garage and fitted your tiles. They are brilliant and Very happy with them and love the way they look. I attach some pictures of before and after pictures. Thanks for the design and help – Ian from N. Yorkshire

Interlocking tiles used in the SUMMER SALE section of the shop go to: Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black floor tiles From £4.99 (ex. VAT).

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Mototile Love the way they look - Before photo of a customers garage
After photo of a customers garage

Before and After Photos of a customers car garage

I got the floor laid successfully over the weekend in a couple of shifts. So i thought i'd send a before and after picture of my garage floor. Thanks again for all your help in the decision process - much appreciated (David)

Interlocking tiles used: Light Grey Recycled Cointop £4.75 (ex. VAT) | Black Recycled Cointop £4.45 (ex. VAT).

Shop online for a range of patterns and colours: Click here...

A before photo of a customers garage
After photo of a customers garage

Garage floor - Happy customer

Absolutely no problems with the service I received, they were very knowledgeable and helpful when choosing the correct flooring for my project. The end results are brilliant. If you’re thinking of going for a good quality tile then this is the one. Thanks – Hugh.

Products Used: Dark Grey CoinTop Floor Tile | Electric Blue Cointop Floor Tile | Graphite Grey - PVC Skirting | Electric Blue - Skirting Trim Inserts.

Shop online for a range of patterns and colours: Click here...

Another happy customer using Mototile in their Garage

Garage Flooring

Here are some images of the before and after of my garage project which shows the excellent Mototile product, completing the design perfectly. I absolutely love the overall finish and design and so pleased to have found Mototile. Great service and product! Many thanks – Oliver.

Products Used: Mid Grey Recycled Diamond Plate - Motolock Interlocking Tile and Light Grey Recycled Diamond Plate - Motolock Interlocking Tile

Shop online for a range of patterns and colours: Click here...

Mototile floor tiles used Xite Energy Exhibition Stand
Man Cave With A Pool Table
Garage flooring with Mototile

Flooring For Exhibition Stand: Xite Energy

Want your floor space to look amazing or to match your brand check out a photo from one of happy customers @XiteEnergy. Thanks for all your help with the flooring at Autosport International - I have attached a couple photo's for you to see the flooring in action :-)

Products Used: Light Grey Recycled Diamond Plate - Motolock Interlocking Tile and Electric Blue Diamond Plate - Motolock Interlocking Floor Tile

Shop online for a range of patterns and colours: Click here...

Mototile floor tiles used Xite Energy Exhibition Stand
Xite Energy Exhibition Stand and Mototile

Double Garage Delight...

I have finally got around to fitting the flooring in my garage. All looks great! - Fraser.

Product: Light Grey Cointop – Motolock Interlocking Floor Tile Alternative colours/Patterns: Grey Recycled Cointop – Motolock Interlocking Tile / Light Grey Diamond Plate – Motolock Interlocking Floor

Shop online for a range of patterns and colours: Click here...

Brand New Light Grey Motolock Cointop tiles
Brand New Light Grey Motolock Cointop tiles

People like us!

Having recently purchased from this company the only word to review them .
QUALITY --PRODUCT is superb with good fitting and finish .
QUALTY --SERVICE is first class as it was next day delivery .
OH -- and just as important -- they are very NICE PEOPLE to deal with .
Many thanks for all your help and assistance .

Imagine there's no concrete ...

'Before / After' photos from a recent customer showing a remarkable change from drab floor to fab floor with paint + tiles + imagination.

Mototile Seamless tiles, Cointop pattern were laid over a concrete base.

Concrete floor before and after Mototile interlocking flooring laid.

Transformation ...

An uninviting concrete floor transformed by Motolock Cointop tiles. Please note - no special preparation was required prior to laying the tiles over the concrete.

Drag mouse left or right over the image to see full before and after images.



Thought I'd send a before & after photo of my garage floor.

It was a rough surface but has covered well: I'm pleased with it.

Did the cuts on a guillotine, which worked well.

Robert Brooks


Blues in Twos

This tidy two-tone blue check pattern floor uses Diamondplate pattern Seamless tiles in Electric Blue and Italia Blue shades.

Click image for a bigger view.

His Master's Garage

Hi. Thank you for the great service.

I am really happy with the quality of the product - my garage looks amazing now.

Andrew Masterman


A Triumph for Mototile

This floor layout uses the full 'Neutral' colour range of the seamless tiles:

Alpine White,
Graphite Grey
Platinum Grey
and Carbon Black

The tile face pattern is cointop. Tidy floor edges were made using Carbon Black skirting and ramps.
Click image for a bigger view.

His Master's Garage

I thought I'd email a photo or two of how your product has helped me transform my garage.
Great product and excellent customer service.

Brian James


Classic Colours.

Mototile colours echo the classic Lotus racing livery in this garage layout.

The design uses Racing Green Mototile Seamless Diamondplate tiles and Daytona Yellow Mototile Skirting with Racing Green inserts.

Lotus Racing Livery Garage Colour Scheme

Racing Green garage floor with yellow skirting.

"Very pleased with the product."

A Nicer Shade of Grey.

Mototile greys improve the look / performance of concrete floors while retaining an overall, practical grey colouring.

This project involves MotoLock Cointop tiles, Mototile Skirting and possibly getting a small child to work happily for daddy while thinking they are playing a new version of Whack-A-Mole.

Dark Grey and Light Grey Motolock tiles are used for the floor and Mototile Carbon Black skirting with Platinum Grey inserts is used to create a neat detail finish to the floor edges.

Two tone grey garage floor.

Mototile floor tikles and skirting.

MotoLock Garage Flooring - Grey Check

Two to Tango.

This combination of building and floor styles looks great. Steve & Natalie combined MotoLock Cointop tiles and edging ramps with Mototile skirting (featuring orange inserts) for the look of the garage floor. They 'got a man in' to do the skirting mitring and I'd say it was worth it - really finishes the job.

Black and Orange pattern garage floor.
Black garage floor skirting with orange insert.

I put the tiles down - with Natalie measuring and supervising for the off-cuts. I got a local handyman in to fit the skirting board / pipework boxing.

We are pleased with the end result & have passed on details of your website as requested by our friends who have seen the pictures.

Steve & Natalie



A colour theme based on Carbon Black, Alpine White and Maranello Red seamless tiles, matching black skirting and red skirting inserts.

I finally got round to installing the garage flooring today - it looks spectacular and it was really easy to lay.

The circular saw made the cutting really easy.

... and the free white mallet - thank you very much for that!!.

Many thanks,


Jaguar Style

This floor in a classic Racing Green and Graphite Grey colour theme uses Mototile Diamondplate pattern Seamless tiles with matching coloured Mototile skirting and edging ramps.

Jaguar on Racing Green and Grey Tile Floor.

I cannot praise the service and product too highly.

We found it a very straightforward job and the finished effect is fantastic.

I think it looks wonderful and it feels like it will last forever.

Best for 2015, John


Quick Work ...

Seven days from conception to completion of a new garage floor.

MotoLock Recycled Tiles (manufactured from recycled PVC) were used to lay this floor and as soon as it was down and all the 'stuff' back in place we had an email and a photo from Derek.


Garage floor layed with MotoLock recycled tiles.

I fitted the recycled tiles on Sunday. I cannot praise the service and product too highly.
From seeing your product at The Classic Car Show to new garage floor in a week.

Thanks, Derek


Neutral = Neat

Mototile neutral colours blend well with benches, drawers and white goods in this practical and very tidy layout by Ian Foreman.

Note the use of Mototile ramp strip to finish the front edge of the floor.

Utility room flooring using Mototile Tiles.

I placed an order on line after following your planning and design page which made the calculation of tile numbers very simple and I was delighted with the speedy delivery of your product.

I followed your excellent instructions and waited to allow the tiles to acclimatise to the garage temperature before attempting to lay them.

The tiles were simplicity itself to lay and cut to size. The finished result as you can see from the attached photographs is first rate and has been admired by numerous neighbours.

Congratulations on producing an excellent product which has enhanced the appearance of my garage to my delight



Black & White Garage Theme with MX Bike

New garage with a black and white theme including a classic check pattern floor.

Is the Platinum Grey tile strip for wheeling the bike on when it's wet / muddy?

Click image to see bigger picture.

MX Bike on Black and White Mototile garage floor.


Colour Coordinated Cobra AK 427

This customer has used Italia Blue and Alpine White floor tiles with colour coordinated skirting and trim inserts to great effect.
Click image to see bigger picture.

Blue Cobra AK427 on blue and white Mototile garage flooring.


All's well that ends well.


Just a line to say thanks for the speed in which you despatched my order and also the speed in which you corrected the small error regarding the trim insert.

The floor looks superb and the garage is now a pleasure to work in. I just could not have faced painting the concrete floor with yet more floor paint only for it to lift on the car tyres.

Fitting the tiles was also more enjoyable than painting the floor and the job will last forever.



It's a floor Jim, but not as we know it.

Actually it's a Gym Floor ... and you don't need to be Spock to work out how many tiles of each colour are needed. We have an App for that.

For this project part of the garage floor is used as a gym area with a design based on the South African National Flag.

The neat floor design is complemented by Mototile skirting.

Gym Flooring using Mototile Tiles.

As promised here are some pictures of my garage floor.

It’s two designs and the SA flag has a lot of colours hence the varied order.

We have been very impressed with the quality of the tiles and ease of laying.

My wife loves her new gym and feels very at home!



Check Mate

The dog looks at home on the new floor - warmer than laying on concrete that's for sure.

Robin, who installed the floor, had only three half-tiles waste at the end.

He decided to paint a 3 inch strip around the garage floor perimeter to simplify cutting and laying - when he put everything back most of the painted strip was hidden from view.

His Master's Garage

Delivery was great ... less than 18 hours from my order!

Tiles easy to fit after a bit of experience gained.

You should recommend your soft faced mallet more strongly ... wished I had ordered one.



Tidy Garage

A tidy garage with a tidy floor (Mototile of course).

Unlike a painted garage floor there's no waiting for drying. All your stuff can go back in as soon as the tiles are down.

Floor tiles laid and garage ready to use again

Tidy garage tidy floor tiles


Lounge or Garage?

Is it a lounge? Is it a garage? Whatever it is it looks fantastic.


Garage /  Lounge with Mototile interlocking tiles


Garage / Workshop Project.

Superbly designed and equipped garage / workshop by Ross given the finishing touch with our floor tiles.
Click the image of the finished garage interior to see a bigger image.

New garage shellCompleted Garage with Mototile flooring

A great product, very good value for money and first class service.

The advice I was given regarding fitting was excellent.

My garage is now the envy of all my friends - they are all very jealous!

Ross, West Sussex


Here's a 'Nought to Fantastic in 30 seconds' slideshow of the garage Ross built.
Fortunately Mototiles are drool resistant.

Workshop Flooring using Mototile Seamless tiles.

Workshop Flooring using Mototile Seamless tiles.

Workshop Flooring using Mototile Seamless tiles.

Workshop Flooring using Mototile Seamless tiles.

Workshop Flooring using Mototile Seamless tiles.

Workshop Flooring using Mototile Seamless tiles.

Workshop Flooring using Mototile Seamless tiles.


Makeover for a Twin Aston Martin Garage

This check floor design uses Maranello Red and Alpine White 333x333 mm tiles with Alpine White tile ramps at the door thresholds.
Click pictures to see larger image.


Garage makeover with Mototile interlocking floor tilesMototile interlocking floor tiles

Thank you so much for the superb floor tiles.

I've now finished laying them and my 2 Astons now have a "comfy" parking spot - plus I won't have a cold floor to lie on now!!

Tim, Devon



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