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Interlocking Garage Flooring Tiles by Mototile

Garage floor tiles colour range.

Seamless Interlocking Floor Tiles from £2.49 each (£22.41 per sq m) ex vat.


Precision fit, UK manufactured, interlocking floor tiles, in dense 'rubber-feel' flexible PVC material.

Close up of Mototile floor tiles seamless interlock.

Click the image to see a close up of the tiles' seamless fit.

Estimate the cost of your garage makeoverEstimating tile requirements

Although often used for garage flooring this snap together floor system can be laid on any hard, level, stable surface.

AlertRemember to buy tile edge ramps for the garage entrance.

Tile ramp for garage entrance or exposed tile edges.

Finish the job in style with matching or contrasting tile skirting.

Mototile Tile Skirting provides the neatest finish for your garage flooring project.


Download the Mototile PDF brochure.

Mototile flooring brochure (PDF).

Benefits of Mototile:

The quick answer to dusty, stained or slippery concrete floors. Use the floor as soon as you've laid it.

Replace individual damaged tiles.

Improved thermal and acoustic insulation for garage and workshop floors.

Reduce transmission of vibration.

Anti-fatigue properties.

Easy to clean.

The floor is portable and can be lifted for laying elsewhere or to re-organise / change pattern.

An attractively presented garage could help when selling a house.

Budget priced good quality tile.

Easy to lay, cut or trim.

Easy to maintain with a broom, kitchen mop and hand-safe detergents.

Attractive colour range - all manufactured in new PVC.

Tiles resist oils and acids.

Part of a stylish system that includes PVC colour matched or contrasting tile ramps and tile skirting.

100% UK designed and manufactured products.

All materials can be recycled.

Seamless tiles are available in the colours shown above and two face designs: dimensions are 333 x 333 x 7mm.

Coin Top Style

Coin Top seamless floor tile.


Mototile Coin Top Garage Floor Tiles ShopClick here for the garage floor tile shop page

Diamond Plate Style

Diamond Plate Tile Design.


Mototile Diamond Plate Garage Floor Tiles ShopClick here for the garage floor tile shop page



Mototile Seamless Garage Flooring is manufactured in the UK from new, rot-proof, PVC. The floor tile mix is engineered to have a flexible consitency with a heavy 'rubbery' feel and semi-matt surface.

Tiles can be laid directly onto any smooth concrete base and as soon as the floor is laid it can be used - unlike floor paint.

The tiles are 100% solid PVC, not foam filled, and the 7mm thickness helps to reduce fatigue, cold penetration, vibration and noise - and they're much better to lie on than a damp concrete floor.

Samples are avaliable on request Request a sample packRequest a colour sample pack

A great colour range, seamless tile fit and the 333 x 333mm size makes a big impression even on smaller floor areas.

See some Help Customers' Garage Makeoves

More tile information at these links:

Help See bigger colour chart

HelpMototile Garage Flooring FAQ's

Seamless Fitting

Tiles fit together using firm hand pressure or a non-marking rubber mallet (which we can supply). Tiles interlock continuously on all sides for excellent fit & stability and without leaving seam gaps.

Underside of Mototile pvc garage floor tiles showing the interlock.


Garage tile underside showing interlocking mechanism.

Mototile garage flooring has a seamless interlock.


Tiles fit precisely to give a near seamless surface.

Tiles can be laid onto any hard, level surface including concrete and wooden floors, ceramic tiled floors, linoleum and vinyl. However, they are not suitable for fitting directly over a flexing surface such as carpet or carpet tiles.

Easy Care

The tiles create an attractive non-slip surface that is easily cleaned with a brush and sponge floor mop. If major damage occurs, individual tiles can be purchased for replacement or tiles can be re-arranged to hide damage.

Get Creative

Experiment with floor patterns and designs using Mototile's Floor Design Tool

Mototile Logo Floor Pattern



Floors can be further enhanced with tile skirting, custom colour skirting inserts, and by combinations of tile colours to create patterned floor layouts.

Most of the colours in the seamless range of tiles are one price so multi-colour floor designs often cost no more than a single colour layouts.

Here are a couple of sample layouts.

Double garage flooring tile layout.

Garage floor with a black and red tile pattern.




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