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Mototile Seamless Floor Tile Colour Chart


Given the wide range of screen technologies and their various limitations in showing true colour, exact tile colours are difficult to display, but we've given it out best shot here. The images are based on colours extracted from flatbed scans. To be certain of the colours you can request colour samples via the enquiry form.

Tiles, tile ramps, skirting and skirting inserts are colour coded to exactly match each other in the Mototile Flooring range.

Mototile - Garage Floor Tiles Colour - Daytona Yellow.

Gulf Orange Garage Tiles

MotoLock Tile Colours

MotoLock tile colour range.


Please contact us prior to placing your orders.
If you have not contacted us for technical advice prior to placing your orders. You do so with the risk of the product not being suitable for application and we therefore hold no responsibility for the actual use or performance of our product.


Mototile Garage Floor Tiles

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