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MotoMat Anti-Fatigue Floor Tiles - New & Recycled PVC

Motomat is a moulded, non-slip tile with a cellular structure that gives excellent durability and comfort. With itís unique puzzle join they are very quick and simple to install. No special skills or tools needed and thereís no costly base works required either.

Motomat is perfect for protecting floors whether in a large factory or just the floor in your garage. They are designed to absorb shock and noise, are suitable for all weathers and extreme temperatures. And to cap it all, Motomat is fully wheelchair, pushchair and trolley compatible. Motomat vinyl tiles are high quality, durable and fire resistant and should not be confused with the cheaper foam alternatives.


Please contact us prior to placing your orders.
If you have not contacted us for technical advice prior to placing your orders. You do so with the risk of the product not being suitable for application and we therefore hold no responsibility for the actual use or performance of our product.

Coin-Top and Checker-Plate 500mm PVC interlocking floor tiles.

Black recycled PVC tiles £3.75 each (ex vat) : £15 sq m (ex vat).

Coin-Top and Checker-Plate 500mm PVC interlocking floor tiles.

Yellow new PVC tiles £5.75 each (ex vat) : £23 sq m (ex vat).

To the Mototile ShopBuy now - New & Recycled PVC Anti-Fatigue Tiles from £3.75 (£4.50 with VAT)

'Jigsaw' interlocking fit PVC tiles. This tile is nominally 500 x 500 mm but for estimation purposes we treat it as 470 x 470 mm. For an explanation - see the tile dimensions guide.

The generous 12mm overall thickness - plus another 2mm for the tread pattern makes these tiles ideal for the following applications:

- Anti-Fatigue Flooring
- Noise and Vibration Control
- Thermal Insulation
- Wheelchair, pushchair & trolley compatible
- Workshops & garages
- Gym and fi tness centres
- Exhibitions & events
- Games rooms
- Factories & showrooms
- Temporary floor protection
- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
- Floor areas subject to standing water.

Available as Cointop (studded) or Diamondplate (chequer) face patterns manufactured in new & recycled PVC.


To the Mototile ShopYellow New & Black Recycled PVC Anti-Fatigue Tiles From - £3.75 (4.50 with VAT)


Image above shows the underside of the tile to illustrate the colour flecks apparent in recycled PVC material and the cellular structure of the reverse side of the tile. Colour flecking is more evident on the underside of the recycled tile.


Key Benefits

- For indoor or outdoor use.
- Extremely hardwearing and durable
- Resistant to most solvents and chemicals.
- Reduces damage caused by impact, abrasion and vibration.
- Good anti-fatigue properties.
- Excellent anti-slip quality.
- Quick and simple to install or remove.
- Easy to clean and maintain.
- Good thermal and acoustic insulation.
- Protects your existing floor from damage.
- Eliminates dust generated by old concrete floors.
- Smart modern checker plate design with a unique puzzle join that can be laid parallel or bricked.
- The floor can be used as soon as the tiles are laid.
- Non-Slip - good for wheelchair user etc.
- Non-Rot tile materials.
- Low maintenance and easy to clean.
- Fire Resistant

Buy Edge Ramps to match tile faces - £2.50 ex vat

Please review the following video detailing the different types of Male and Female ramps, available in a black and yellow colour. This video also features and shows you how easy it is to create and install corner ramps using the MotoMat products.

Mototile Garage Floor Tiles

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