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Garage floor Ramps

New PVC Ramps & Edging

Product Description:

Floors can be further enhanced with new and recycled tile ramps/edging combined with the MotoLock tiles to create coloured patterned floor layouts. The Ramp/Edge tiles match the tile face design, height, materials and colour. The Ramp/Edge tiles have a ramped front and are designed to interlock with each other to create a corner and with the MotoLock tiles. These Light Blue Cointop - Tile Edging PVC are a perfect solution for Garages, Workshops, Warehouses, Gyms, Factories, Commercial and Temporary Spaces making your flooring space stand out.

These Light Blue Cointop - Tile Edging PVC can be laid quickly and easily on any reasonably smooth and level concrete base creating ready-for-use, dust-free, anti-skid surfaces and can be easily cleaned with a brush and sponge floor mop. The ramp edging simply snap together. No nails or glue are required, which means your floor can be easily transferred or reused again. Give your flooring a fresh and modern feel.

About MotoLock:

MotoLock tiles can withstand heavy traffic and are resistant to abrasion, impact and the penetration of liquids - including oils, solvents, acids etc. MotoLock tiles are designed to take high compression loads, like those found in materials movements operations in workshops, warehouses and distribution centres while the neat finish and smooth fit makes the tiles suitable for retail spaces, playrooms, gyms, garages, utility rooms, exhibition stands and more. Large space applications include exhibitions, railway stations, airports, passenger terminals, power plants, hangars and fire stations.

Tile ramps are essential to facilitate driving vehicles on and off the tiled floor without damaging tile edges or disturbing the overall layout. The Ramp/Edge are fitted to the door edge of the tiled floor or on 3 or 4 sides of a 'pad' layout that can be used for a showroom or an exhibition display stand/area. The MotoLock Tile Ramp/Edge are colour matched to the MotoLock interlocking Tiles.

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Light Blue Cointop Garage Ramps & Edging Sizes
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Add Some Finishing Touches To Your Light Blue Cointop Ramps & Edging

Combine your Light Blue Cointop - Tile Edging PVC with a range of coloured MotoLock Interlocking Tiles, skirting boards and trim inserts and don’t forget to add the Non-marking Rubber Mallet to your basket.

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Tools and Information For Your Garage Flooring

Design Your Floor Pattern

A layout tool for the MotoLock Interlocking Tiles. Each square on the grid represents one MotoLock tile.

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Price Calculator

Calculate the cost of using the MotoLock Interlocking Tiles. Just put in your garage floor measurements and get an online price

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How To Install Your Garage Ramps & Edging

A simple guide on how to install the Light Blue Cointop MotoLock Ramps & Edging. Play the video to see how easy it is to install our Ramps & Edging. Have it ready within a few hours.

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